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MAI Cosmetics Mango Lubricant With Pheromones Attraction 100 ML - LT2400

MAI Cosmetics Mango Lubricant With Pheromones Attraction 100 ML - LT2400

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MAI Cosmetics Lubricant With Pheromones Mango Attraction 100 ML - LT2400

Attraction Pheromones Lubricants

The first world’s pheromone lubricants line …with more flavour!

  • Our Concept

Since the last 10 years MAI Lab has carried out an attentive research in the realm of wellbeing in order to provide to our customers real and always new sensual experiences. Sensory awakening in the sexual sphere is for us a mission. Sensuality is that added value that makes every moment with our partner a real and long-lasting sensory experience.

  • The many flavours of sensuality!

From the cerebral region the messages of our brain reach the body and its five senses. MAI Lab has decided to concentrate on the sense with the highest sexual signals load, that can awaken our ancestral pleasure recalling out first experience with the outside world: taste!

  • Our product:

MAI Attraction is the first world pheromones line with more flavours, a unique product on the market with 4 different and sensual combinable flavours (plus the neutral one) that together with the pheromone content will lead you to a unique sensorial, personalized and intriguing experience.

  • A world of secret messages!

Pheromones are natural sexual signals, produced by our body, that are read by our brain as coded messages being able to awaken attraction in both women and men. By applying MAI ATTRACTION LUBS on the chosen part you will awaken those coded messages and prepare the area for lubrification by making it silky and nice at touch.

  • Mai Attraction Lubs experience

The different product flavours are made to awaken the most secret fantasies, they can all be personalised, easily combinable to disclose an infinite world of pleasure to all our customers, where sensuality becomes a real and pure experience!

  • All Mai Attraction Lubs have flavoured and kissable content that discloses a rich and exotic bouquet to increase pleasure for a long-lasting passion.
  • Chocolate (for warm and cuddling fragrances lovers)
  • Strawberry (for a fresh flavoured experience)
  • Red Fruits (for sweet attraction lovers)
  • Mango (for exotic paradises lovers)

For all customers that don’t really appreciate flavours but are not willing to give up passion and pleasure, we have also the neutral flavour, the pheromone content will lead you to the real MAI Attraction Lube experience.

  • A formula for each customer:

By developing MAI ATTRACTION LUBS, MAI Lab has decided to listen to its customers’ needs: every need reflects a precise research for pleasure and opens up to wide and unique worlds, as our customers are.

It will be fun and stimulating to collect all our flavours and combine them, opening to new and infinite experiences, all related to nature and its different astonishing ways, where the only limit is… your fantasy!

  • Formula: pheromones + flavours = explosive pleasure!

MAI ATTRACTION LUBS, with their water-based formula and natural ingredients, make your skin nice at touch and let your body naturally free pheromones.

Our natural aromas are attentively chosen through a broad and detailed market research. They can combine to your skin, enhancing its natural flavour and leading you to an increasing wave of explosive pleasure!

  • The company:

MAI COSMETICS is based in Spain, Valencia. Our mission is to promote innovative, EU-produced lines for erotic cosmetics. Our lines are certified and conceived in the respect of the environment, of workers’ and animals’ rights, for a market that is evolving and more and more attentive to quality and wellbeing.

  • The product:

MAI ATTRACTION LUBS is the first world lubricant… with flavours!

Paraben-free, not tested on animals, only vegetal ingredients, Made in EU

Lubricant range with the particular features and 100% safe, non-toxic and lab tested ingredients of a MAI collection…

The MAI Cosmetics attention to the details is visible thanks to our modern and fashionable packaging with clear indications

MAI COSMETICS is based in Europe so high quality production standards. Our mission is to promote innovative, EU-produced lines for erotic cosmetics. Our lines are certified and conceived in the respect of the environment, of workers’ and animals’ rights, for a market that is evolving and more and more attentive to quality and well being.

  1. 100% Made in Spain

Our cosmetics are 100% made in Spain, without relocating any production stage and in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP).

MAI has never relocated any production stage to third countries, and not only concerning the ones where human rights and fundamental workers' rights are trampled on, child labor is practiced, and workers are kept in semi slavery conditions. We actually look outside our country to identify new raw materials, preferably the ones that can be purchased on a fair and equitable basis.

  1. Safety and effectiveness

We offer the highest quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Safety and effectiveness are guaranteed by strict clinical tests. In addition, we monitor the content of 7 heavy metals in each batch to minimize the risk of allergies and protect the most sensitive skin.

Before being approved, all our preparations undergo a series of tests to ensure maximum Safety, Effectiveness and Pleasantness.

  1. Plant extracts

We choose only the best plants, preferably organic and always strictly non-GMO.

We only use environmentally friendly solvents such as water, glycerine and organic vegetable oils to produce our extracts.

  1. Friends of animals

MAI has always rejected cosmetic tests on animals.

Finished products: Our finished products are not tested on animals by our company or by third parties/suppliers.

Ingredients: Our ingredients are not tested on animals either by our company or by third parties/suppliers.

  1. Good for the environment

For years, we have taken all necessary measures to prevent, reduce and, where possible, eliminate all forms of pollution or unjustified consumption of resources resulting from our work.

For our production we use self-produced energy in our new 488 kWp photovoltaic park. Thanks to this choice, we avoid the emission of more than 250,000 kg of Co2 every year in average weather conditions, which is the equivalent of a forest of 1750 trees.

  1. New expectations, New Products

This is the age when everyone is looking for a better sex life.

We use the power of technology and innovation to quickly develop and market new products to make a better sex life accessible to all.

Our investment in innovation is the key. From our products formula to packaging, from our ingredients to new services, we are constantly innovating.

Our goal is to enable customers to achieve their dreams of a better sexual life, wherever they are around the globe.

  1. Striving Towards An Ever More Responsible & Sustainable Business Model.

Our commitment is based on three key areas - planet, people, products – with multiple initiatives and day-to-day actions to achieve our goals. Because we are committed to do everything in our power to be a good example for entrepreneurs and new generations.

Our Mantra at MAI is: aim to produce excellence!

  1. This is what makes us different!

The nine reasons we have listed above make us different but also…

MAI has carried out attentive research in the realm of wellbeing in order to provide real and always new sensual experiences to our customers and a true sensory awakening in the sexual sphere.

“Sensuality is that added value that makes every moment with your partner real and long-lasting.”

We at MAI know that unemotional articles are just merchandise, in fact our unique, innovative packaging jumps off the shelf and grabs your customer's attention.

  1. MAI is different

MAI is different in avoiding any ingredient that could potentially irritate the skin or cause allergies.

MAI products are free from parabens and phthalates

  1. Every MAI product has a secret ingredient: LOVE

Always ready to listen, do more and do better. This is the story of MAI.

Our products are the result of more than 20 years of dialogue with our customers. Customer service, lab technicians, marketing: behind every MAI product there is a team of dedicated professionals whose mission is to improve sex life.

It's more than a job, it's a passion!

Returning to simple and essential things!

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