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Cobeco Liquid C Stimulerende Liefdesdruppels - 30 ML

Cobeco Liquid C Stimulerende Liefdesdruppels - 30 ML

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Cobeco presents Liquid C Stimulating Love Drops - 30 ML -

30 ML

Liquid C for twice the sexual pleasure. 
This love potion is extra concentrated,
which provides an even more intense feeling.

Material; drops

Liquid C Support sexual performance with L-arginine and 
Vitamin C
Features:- Vitamin C activates your natural
energy in the body- Vitamin C contributes to the physical

Liquid C is a unique product that can stimulates
the sexual performance in a natural way and can provide
additional energy.
With kola nut, guarana and vitamin C


- Gives you an energetic kick
- Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism

Cobeco Liquid C is a unique product that naturally stimulates 
and provides extra energy. These drops provide a stimulant and
improve performance. Use Cobeco Liquid C for extra energy.
Special Storage Instructions Keep cool and dry 
Please store in a dark place, as little sunlight as possible, 
ideal storage temperature (living room 18-20 degree
Weight 0.095 kg Contents 30 ml
Brand Cobeco Pharma Product information


box width 32 mm
box height 32 mm
box length 78 mm

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